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Golf Road Get-Together

Thursday Evenings

Every Thursday evening The Golf Road Community Centre host "The Golf Road Get-Together". This is where we come together to meet old friends and new, and participate in a variety of exciting, informative social events.​ We offer music, quizzes, talks and dancing - something different every week. Admission is only £5 - and we are now able to take card payments.​ 

More information about activities can be found on our Facebook page - we look forward to seeing you there!


Ode to the

Get-Together Club

Way back last mid-September

Golf Road Get Together was started

On Thursdays at 7, the centre was open

So from our TVs we were parted..

Pat and Steve came along to kick off the first one

With singing from their garden bench

And nibbles and drinks were provided

For our appetite and thirst to quench

The Kellet Gut Shantymen entertained more than once

Their voices a harmonious team

As they sang sailor’s songs and sea shanties

All based on a nautical theme

We’ve had Chris Hobbs-East’s chat on Deal Market

And before that, he and his Dad

Gave a talk on their civic life, maces and all

And we all tried to lift them a tad

Along came Margate’s Town Sergeant

Cliff To show off his large hat collection

From bowlers to busbies, and trilbies and tricorns

And helmets of every description

We’ve had talks on the Commonwealth War Graves

Raising cannons and Boxing Day dips

And even one cold winter’s evening

We had Fryer Tuck’s fish and chips!

We had Konrad and friends and his

Open Mic night With singing and playing guitar

They all sang divine, (aided by the red wine)

And we called out ‘Encore’ and ‘Hurrah’

We’ve had a few talks on our history

Coastal Smuggling and Maison Dieu Dover

And not forgetting the Lifeboat crews

Who risk their lives over and over..

As Christmas approached came the Rock Choir

To give us a real festive treat

And we all sang along, with their choice of song

With clapping and tapping of feet

The great Camerados guy,

Maff Who lost all his gear on the train

But nevertheless entertained us

And left thoughts of ‘Be Kind’ in our brain..

A talk on Deal’s Timeball Tower

From Kevin, sadly no longer here

But whose enthusiasm and knowledge

Still lives on, in his voice, in your ear

And what when the Drum Corps came drumming

And asked us to all have a go?

And WHO posted our efforts on Facebook

Where rhythm and beat failed to show?

On nights when there wasn’t a speaker

Out came the balls so we could play

Bingo 2 little ducks, Kelly’s eye for a line or a house

As we all got to grips with the lingo!

The Jubilee party was much enjoyed

Food and drink and a royalty quiz

To mark the platinum milestone 70 years on the throne -

Well Done Liz!

So I’d just like to say many thanks to you all

In case there’s any I’ve forgotten to mention

Oops- and the Ukulele group

Apologies- not my intention…

To those who’ve helped make this successful

We appreciate the work that you do

From food and wine buying and preparing a quiz

Then cleaning and washing up too.. And so, from humble beginnings

This is where my little ode ends

From strangers who met round a table

To people we now call our friends…

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